Muslims In Scouting…

Whats different about Muslims in Scouting?

Well nothing really!

We still do the same Scouting activities as everyone else, and still follow the Scout promise and the Scout Law, but we need a few extra provisions. Simple things like a few moments to pray during the day, segregated physical activities for our elder members, or even just that we need halal food!

At Wardown Ninth we understand these simplest of things make the biggest of differences! And being a Muslim Prominent Scout Group, means our leaders share the same beliefs too, so providing for these things…well comes naturally to us.

Is Scouting new to Muslims?

Not at all! Muslims have been in Scouting for decades, within the UK and all around the globe, as leaders and as young members! We have been part of the journey!

That said, Muslims in Scouting, have been limited in the UK until the last decade where the UK Muslim Scout Fellowship was formed. The UK Muslim Scout Fellowship is Support Unit within The Scout Association that became the go to point for all Muslims in Scouting, helping build bridges, open doors and ultimately working tirelessly with local groups to give more young people the opportunity to become part of Scouting! Find out more about The UK Muslim Scout Fellowship here!

Are there many Muslims in Scouting?

In the UK, this number is about a few thousand, but is drastically on the rise as more and more Muslims are sharing the experiences and wanting to join the adventure.

Globally though it’s a whole different story! Islam (the faith that Muslims follow), is the single biggest faith in Scouting!

According to The World Organisation of the Scout Movement (WOSM), Muslims make up approximately 70% of the 40 Million Scouting Members! Yep you read that right – as much as 70% of all the Global Members! That’s about 28 Million Muslim Members!

Why and How are there so many Muslims in Scouting?

Well it’s simple really!

The simple values embedded in Scouting echo those values taught to be a good Muslim. And those simple values embedded in becoming a good Muslim, are those echoed in Scouting!

Simple but important principles, like Believing in God, Helping others, Being trustworthy, Being part of a worldwide family, are just to name a few! And there is so many more similarities echoed through out both being a good a Muslim and being a good Scout.

Why not check out the Promise and Law for yourself and see what similarities you can find?

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