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Please find a list of frequently asked questions below.

Q. Is Wardown Ninth a Muslim Prominent Scout Group?
A. Yes – We are Scout Group like any other, open to all members of all faiths and beliefs. However, the majority of our young members and leaders are Muslim, and as such we provide provisions for Muslims as a basic and standard routine.

Q. Is Wardown Ninth open to anyone?
A. Yes – Wardown Ninth is an inclusive and values-based group. Membership is open to young people and adults of all faiths and beliefs, including the absence of an affirmed faith, humanists or atheists, who share our values. Our values are integrity, respect, care, belief and cooperation.

Q. How can my child benefit from joining Scouts?
A. In an independent survey of over 2,000 parents of Scouts, nine out of ten parents said Scouting is worthwhile and nine in ten said their children find Scouting enjoyable.
As your child is attending regularly to take part of the balanced programme on offer, and progresses through Scouts you should be able to see signs of the impact their Scouting adventure has on them.

Parents tell us Scouting gives their children more confidence, responsibility and a broader set of friends. Scouting can help develop your child’s social skills and encourage self-sufficiency, and gives them access to activities and opportunities that may have been otherwise unavailable to them.

Q. My child has a disability or additional need; can they join Scouts?
A. Wardown Ninth is committed to being inclusive of all young people, regardless of ability or disability and has a clear Equal Opportunities Policy in line with The Scout Association. There is often flexibility within Scouting we do try make reasonable adjustments wherever possible. However, each need is often unique, so it best to have an open conversation with us to see that we can offer your child the support they deserve.

Q. How much does it cost to send my child to Scouts?
A. We are membership organisation, so all our young people pay a termly fee. The termly subscription goes towards paying for a range of different services including insurances, resources, and weekly activities.

Each Term costs £45 per child.

Each Year consists of three terms broken down as follows;

  • Term 1 – Sept / Oct / Nov / Dec
  • Term 2 – Jan / Feb / Mar
  • Term 3 – Apr / May / Jun / Jul

When young people join Wardown Ninth, there is also a small registration fee to pay per child, which covers the cost of the scarf and badges. The registration fee is £12.50 per child and is a one off payment.

Occasionally we may have an event, trip or activity where it is necessary to charge a little extra. We of course always try to keep these costs as low as possible and subsidise these where possible.

Q. I don’t feel I have any suitable skills; how can I get involved?
A. Anyone can volunteer and help in many ways; you don’t have to be a regular Bear Grylls. You might have first aid knowledge that you could teach the group, or you might be able to teach our young members a thing or two about DIY.

If you’re good with accounts you could be Group treasurer, or if you’re a culinary whizz you could run cooking sessions with the young people. Everyone has a skill (whether you know it or not) and we can make use of it.

There’s no pressure to continue as a helper or leader afterwards, but hopefully we’ll be able to inspire you by showing how easy and rewarding it can be to become part of the family at Wardown Ninth.

Q. Is there a planned programme of activities for Scouts?
A. Yes – Behind the fun of Scouting, there is an educational programme that was reviewed and launched in January 2015 following extensive consultation with leaders and young people all over the country. The main programme themes are Outdoor and Adventure, Skills, and World. All our leaders are trained to deliver this programme. Why not check out our gallery to see what our young members get up to.

Q. What do Scouts wear and where can I buy it?
A. Scouts wear a uniform depending on the age range. All members wear our group coloured scarf. This is provided to members when they purchase their uniform and are invested (officially take the promise) and join our group.

Official Scouting uniform can either be bought from Scout Shops or can be bought from the local Luton Scout Shop.

Wardown Ninth branded garments, such as hoodies, t-shirts and more, can be bought from our own shop here.

Q. How should badges be placed on the Scout uniform?
A. The placement of badges on uniform varies between sections. You can find interactive online diagrams on OSM or alternatively you can check out a PDF version by clicking the relevant section below.

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